saugykla statusas T sritis informatika apibrėžtis Duomenų laikymo vieta, kurioje duomenys struktūriškai suskirstyti į grupes, pogrupius taip, kad juos būtų lengva surasti. pavyzdys(-iai) algoritmų saugykla, duomenų saugykla, mokymosi objektų saugykla, programų saugykla. atitikmenys: angl. repository ryšiai: siauresnis terminasinformacijos saugykla siauresnis terminasversijų saugykla

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  • Repository — commonly refers to a location for storage, often for safety or preservation. Repository may also refer to: Repository clone, concept from distributed revision control Repository (publishing), real or virtual facility for the deposit of academic… …   Wikipedia

  • repository — [ri päz′ə tôr΄ē] n. pl. repositories [LME repositorie < L repositorium < repositus, pp. of reponere, to put back < re , back + ponere, to place: see POSITION] 1. a box, chest, closet, or room in which things may be placed for safekeeping …   English World dictionary

  • Repository — Re*pos i*to*ry (r[ e]*p[o^]z [i^]*t[ o]*r[y^]), n. [L. repositorium, repostorium: cf. OF. repositoire.] A place where things are or may be reposited, or laid up, for safety or preservation; a depository. Locke. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • repository — I noun arsenal, bank, bursary, cache, chest, coffer, conservatory, container, depository, depot, garner, promptuary, receptacle, receptaculum, reservatory, reservoir, safe, storehouse, storeroom, treasurehouse, treasury, warehouse II index… …   Law dictionary

  • Repository —   [»Gefäß«, »Lager«, »Quelle«], eine Datenbank, in der Programmmodule (Modul) zentral verwaltet werden. Sie ist v. a. bei der gemeinsamen Entwicklung von Programmen durch mehrere Entwickler von Bedeutung (CASE) …   Universal-Lexikon

  • repository — late 15c., vessel, etc., for storage, from L.L. repositorium store, in classical L., a stand on which food is placed, from reposit , pp. stem of reponere put away, store. Figurative use is recorded from 1640s …   Etymology dictionary

  • repository — [n] warehouse archive, depository, depot, magazine, safe, stockroom, storage place, storehouse, store room, vault; concepts 435,439,449 …   New thesaurus

  • repository — ► NOUN (pl. repositories) 1) a place or receptacle for storage. 2) a place where something is found in significant quantities. ORIGIN Latin repositorium, from reponere replace …   English terms dictionary

  • Repository — Ein Repository (engl. für Lager, Depot, Quellen oder Archiv, Plural Repositories), auch Repositorium, ist ein verwaltetes Verzeichnis zur Speicherung und Beschreibung von digitalen Objekten. Bei den verwalteten Objekten kann es sich… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • repository — re|pos|i|to|ry [rıˈpɔzıtəri US rıˈpa:zıto:ri] n plural repositories formal 1.) a place or container in which large quantities of something are stored = ↑store repository of/for ▪ a fire proof repository for government papers 2.) a person or book… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • repository — [[t]rɪpɒ̱zɪtri, AM tɔːri[/t]] repositories 1) N COUNT: usu N for n A repository is a place where something is kept safely. [FORMAL] A church in Moscow became a repository for police files. Syn: store 2) N COUNT: usu N of n A repository of… …   English dictionary

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